Gone Fishing (Macmillan Education)

Inspired by the 'blended family' trip to Kangaroo Island, Gone Fishing is a children’s novel about the many ways a simple holiday with a big family can go awry. It was published as part of the Macmillan Education ‘Trekkers’ reading series for upper primary aged children.






Poinciana (Wakefield Press)

Poinciana is a novel set in the French Overseas Territory of New Caledonia, where the author spent four years of her life in the late 1980s.

Catherine Piron is in Noumea, searching for traces of the father she barely remembers. She meets journalist Henri Boulez, her only lead in a foreign country. Their journey into the remote regions of New Caledonia uncovers an extraordinary story that, like the island itself, shimmers light and dark in the sun.  Poinciana is set against the political turmoil of the Kanak struggle for independence in the late 80s.

Poinciana is Jane's first adult novel, and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, best first novel, South East Asia and South Pacific region

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Adopting: Parents' Stories (Wakefield Press)

Adopting is a an edited anthology of true stories from Australian adoptive parents. A collaborative project, Adopting explores the challenges and joys of adopting a child.

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Beyond The Line

Beyond the Line Seven Stories by Jane Turner Goldsmith

(Kindle Edition here)

In this powerful collection from “down under” — by turns, beautiful, disturbing and funny — Goldsmith gives us resilient characters who push or are swept beyond the lines of acceptable or customary behavior; some of them live in barely sustainable emotional territory.

A pregnant woman (in “North of Goyder’s”) tries to protect a refugee in Australia’s unforgiving outback. “RU OK?” tells of a university counselor confronted by an assertive student on World Suicide Prevention Day. On a lighter note, true love prevails (in “Dear John”) over a damaging electronic blunder, thanks to the mailer-daemon!"

Wordrunner Echapbooks, September 2016

For Good (Black Rose Writing)

For Good

14-year-old Ronnie, fostered to the Tate family, has run away from home. For 18-year-old Georgia Tate, it’s almost the last straw: her parents have separated, her ex has already moved on, and she’s dropped out of Uni. Then on a night when her father forgets to collect her from work, an older family friend picks her up…

For Good is one young woman’s struggle to come of age in the shadow of a problematic attachment, family breakdown and a single, shocking act of abuse. It’s a story of middle class lives rocked by an experiment doomed to failure; of homelessness and addiction, family deception and loyalty, connection and rebuilding. It’s about neglect - the domestic tragedy happening quietly and commonly in our cities and suburbs - but not, in the end, without hope ‘for good.’